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Pub insurance policies usually cover a wide variety of things. However, no two policies are exactly alike, so you should still take care to ensure you have all the cover you need.

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Common Types of Cover for Pub Insurance

You’ll often see the following cover types listed:

  • Employers’ Liability Insurance.
  • Public Liability Insurance.
  • Stock Insurance.
  • Money cover.
  • Loss of Licence cover.

Employers’ Liability insurance is a legal necessity if you have employees other than yourself. It’s there to protect the business if one of your employees is injured at work and claims against the business.

Public Liability insurance is not legally required. However, it’s one of the most common types of cover for any business. It protects you against claims arising from accidents and injuries affecting your patrons while on your premises.

Stock Insurance protects your pub if your stock is stolen. Pubs are common targets for some thieves, as the stock is valuable, plentiful, and easy to sell on. Burglar alarms and other security can reduce premiums on this.

Money cover is also common, as pubs are usually businesses with heavy cashflow. Many pubs now also have on-site ATMs or gambling machines, meaning even more cash on the premises at any given time. Protecting yourself against this money being lost to robbery is important.

Most money cover has an upper limit to the amount of money it covers. It’s worth confirming that your policy will insure your typical cash maximum, so that all of it is protected.

Another common type of cover is loss of licence cover. This pays a return in the event your premises licence is revoked or lost due to measures outside your control. For example, if the licencing authority chooses not to renew the licence, you would be covered. However, if the licence is revoked due to serving underage drinkers, this would be considered under the pub’s control.

Comparing Pub Insurance

The comparison form above will return a list of potential pub insurance quotes which suit the information you’ve entered. Accurate information provides a list of quotes with appropriate levels of cover for your pub in an appropriate price band for your budget.

Once you have this information, read through the available quotes carefully. Before you make your choice, you should be confident that the policy has the cover you need and is at a price you’re comfortable with.


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