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This Pub Insurance Comparison Tool is quick and easy to use. Just fill in the form below and find pub insurance quotes available:

What is Pub Insurance? Pub Insurance is a specialised insurance product which has been designed to offer an all-in-one insurance solution for pubs, bars and private clubs. Unlike other types of small retail business, public houses and other premises licensed to sell alcohol require a more rounded type of insurance package. As with other types of small business insurance aimed at retailers, Pub Insurance covers the business for damages and lost to goods and property, as well loss or theft of cash, along with a level of public liability and employee liability cover to meet legal requirements. However, most Pub Insurance extends cover by adding insurance for loss of alcohol license, and an increased level of cover for small damages (such as glass breakages). Who needs Pub Insurance? Public House Insurance is not a legal requirement per se. However, every public house, bar or club is required by law to have an employers liability policy to cover accidents and injury to staff, as well as a public liability policy to protect them from damages claims made by the public. Public House Insurance incorporates both of these legally required forms of insurance cover and packages them with complementary features. This is a great cost effective way for public houses to cover their risk and conform to legal requirements. Fill in the form at the top of the page and our Pub Insurance Comparison tool will return you great deals so that you can protect yourself in this way.

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