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Non-Standard Home Insurance

Non-standard home insurance is, simply put, a catchall term for all home insurance which addresses unusual risks, from the fire risk of a thatched roof through past criminal convictions to subsidence, flood risk, or dwellings that go for long periods of time uninhabited. Each of these can affect the risk carried by the insurer, and so each one will affect the premium and policy as a whole. However, in other respects these home insurance policies will heavily resemble all other home insurance – and one of the key points arising from that is that, just as with other home insurance, you have to be careful.

Careful Comparisons

When comparing non-standard home insurance policies online, it’s important to remember that there’s no one ‘best’ policy; what’s important is to consider them all and find the one that gives you the right price on the right coverage – for your home and your circumstances. Always take the time needed to be sure you understand what your chosen policy involves and that you’re happy with it.


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