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What is car insurance?

Having car insurance ensures you are covered financially if the worst were to happen to your car. This could be damage from an accident, theft, vandalisation and fire damage. It means you won't have to dig into your own pocket to pay for potentially huge repair or replacement costs.

Car insurance is a legal requirement for cars driving on public roads. You will be heavily penalised if you are found to be driving without insurance. The minimum level of cover you must legally have is third-party car insurance. This would cover the damage to another person's car, for example in a collision accident, but provides limited cover for your own vehicle.

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How much does car insurance cost?

Car insurance is either made up of an annual or monthly premium. Annual premiums are paid in a single lump sum when a policy is taken out, monthly premiums will require a deposit and a monthly direct debit. There are many factors that come into play that will affect the cost of your car insurance. It needn't cost the earth when you take the time to compare premiums.

Why compare with Insuro?

No-Fault is a type of car insurance in which the driver’s own insurance company covers damage to the policyholder’s own car, regardless of who was at fault. Also called comprehensive no-fault or first-party property & casualty insurance.

It covers both you and your passengers for personal injury caused by the negligence of the other driver. No-Fault Insurance also pays for your reasonable and necessary medical expenses, like ambulances and hospital visits, without the hassle of receiving the other driver’s permission first.

No-Fault car insurance offers lower premiums without sacrificing benefits. You will have the same coverage as before, plus other advantages – less to pay, simpler to understand, your choice of repair shop, no worries about who caused the crash.

Search for no-fault car insurance with Insuro

You may be concerned about the cost of insuring your vehicle if you’ve previously made a no-fault claim. Insuro makes it easy to find insurance quotes that won’t leave you out of pocket. Our comparison tool searches for the market’s most competitive insurance deals from a huge range of providers, and lets you easily see your options. We compare cheap no fault car insurance policies from more than 100 UK insurers, so we’re confident we can help you find a quote that’s right for you.

Compare cheap no fault car insurance quotes in an instant

Comparing insurance policies doesn’t need to be a headache. Insuro’s online comparison tool makes it easy to find reasonable insurance quotes that are tailored to you. Enter your vehicle’s details into the form and we will find low-cost no-fault insurance policies for you. You can clearly view and compare cheap no fault car insurance quotes to find the insurance deal that suits you best.

What does No-Fault cover?

No-fault car insurance is a no-fault type of personal automobile insurance. Providing coverage for certain benefits for drivers and passengers involved in motor vehicle collisions without regard to who was at fault. This kind of auto policy can be used in place of traditional liability coverage.

No-Fault car insurance covers the following:

It also covers:

The sum available will depend on:

Is it too expensive if I add no-fault to my car insurance?

No-fault is car insurance under which your insurance company pays for your losses regardless of who was at fault. (The word “no-fault” comes from the fact that your insurance company would pay you even if the other driver was uninsured.)

Not only is this system cheaper for you, but it makes driving safer for everyone. That’s because it lets your insurance company sue the other guy. If the other driver was negligent, your insurance company can collect the money to pay for your losses. If the other driver was drunk, your insurance company can sue the drunk driver. And if the other driver had no insurance, your insurance company would get some kind of payment anyway.

So, the question is, is it worth the cost? The answer is, yes, because no-fault insurance protects you from financial disaster. Your insurance company won’t pay up, but you won’t owe anything. You won’t be bankrupted if your fender is bashed in by a driver who wasn’t paying attention.

How does no-fault car insurance work?

No-fault car insurance allows you to claim compensation for personal injury caused by an accident, regardless of the fault of the person who caused the accident. The UK government introduced the scheme in 1988.

No-fault car insurance works like this:

How much does a non-fault claim affect my car insurance?

The number of non-fault claims you make will affect the price of your premium depending on how each company classifies them. Non-fault accidents are counted as one claim, regardless of how many vehicles were damaged.

If you have an accident, your car insurance will go up. How much depends on what happened.

Some companies, however, set rates based on each claim, or on each driver, or based on each driver’s claims history. If, for example, you have an accident and make a claim, and a person who has had four or five accidents makes the same claim, their rate may be higher or lower than your own, depending on the company.

Insurance companies use complex equations to determine how much your rate will go up, based on the laws of your country. The following are some determinants:

Savings on no-fault car insurance

We know that insurance can be costly, especially after you’ve been in an accident. With Insuro, you really could save money on insuring your vehicle. Half of our customers were quoted less than £350* for car insurance when they used our comparison tool. To see what you could potentially save on your insurance, complete our form now.

Do insurers offer no-claims bonus in the UK?

The simple answer is “Yes, insurers do offer a no-claims bonus in the UK.” As well as no-claims discounts, there are also bonuses given by some for years of safe driving. However, many people don’t realise that these types of offers do exist and often accept their renewal quote without reading through them closely.

A no-claims bonus is a reward for being careful. If you drive carefully and keep your car well maintained, you are unlikely to need an accident claim. In that case, your insurance company is making money by keeping your premiums down, and they would much rather keep you as a customer than have to replace your stolen car.

Insurers tend to offer no-claims discounts after six years of no claims. The discounts vary widely between companies. (Most offer around 10%.)

The no-claims discount can be worth around £250 a year. So, if you have an accident and your insurer gives you a no-claims discount of 10%, you will get off your accident premium of £250. You will still have to pay a £250 excess, however.

However, if you already have an accident, your insurer could cancel the no-claims bonus.

Get insurance quotes now

Competitively-priced insurance quotes that we think you’ll love are just moments away. Simply fill out our form with details about you and your vehicle and Insuro will instantly compare policies to help you find your ideal insurance. If you’d rather get vehicle insurance quotes over the phone, please contact us on 0800 0316 311.

*50% of customers who bought car insurance through this comparison service, provided by Seopa, were given quotes of less than £350 (Jan ’16 sales).


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