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if you own a car which is sure to travel less than 5,000 miles per year, that vehicle is probably eligible for limited mileage car insurance.

That works out at a little over thirteen and a half miles a day, if you drive daily; if you never drive on weekends, you have a nineteen-mile daily work commute to play with. And, of course, if it’s a secondary vehicle, it’s probably taken out less often but for longer distances.

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Limited mileage car insurance tends to have significantly lower premiums. The reason for this is simple; because the vehicle is on the road less, there are fewer opportunities for accidents and less chance that something else will go disastrously wrong.

To help monitor this, some insurance providers require the fitting of telematics (also known as a ‘black box’ system) in order to qualify for the cover.
Some policies even reduce their premiums further at intervals from 5,000 miles down to 1,000 miles.
When comparing insurance policies online it’s important to take into account all relevant factors; a low premium alone may not make the policy the most appropriate for you, and everyone’s circumstances are different and require careful contemplation before any decision is reached.
With a reputable online insurance comparison service, you will be presented with many policies which could suit you, all of which should be reviewed carefully and assessed in terms of your own needs.

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As a driver who only travels very limited mileage, You expose yourself to the dangers of the road far less and as a result you are far less likely to get into an accident. Your car insurance policy should reflect this, so fill in the form above to start finding quotes.

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