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    Imported Car Insurance Comparison


    The temptation to choose an imported car over a domestic one is always there, and it’s understandable; import models can often be cheaper than the UK equivalent, and they’re sometimes also built to higher specifications.

    No surprise, then, that importers and other dealerships have been making the process easier over time – but with more and more people importing their cars, it’s more important to understand the differences in imported car insurance cover.

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    A Question of Cost

    To begin with, imported car insurance tends to have a higher price than insurance for conventional, UK-sold cars.

    These expensive premiums reflect the fact that sourcing spare parts can be harder and more expensive, meaning that if you need to make a claim, the repair work will be more expensive.

    They also reflect the difference in build specification and other factors; notably, left-hand-drive vehicles can be more expensive as there’s an increased risk of accident until you get used to the new position.

    Cutting Your Costs

    There are two types of imported car, known as parallel imports and grey imports.

    Parallel imports are manufactured within the EU and so must be built to the same standards as UK vehicles, meaning that when you compare import car insurance policies, parallel imports tend to be more affordable than grey imports.

    You’ll also find that with a grey import – typically a Japanese vehicle – your insurance firm is likely to ask you to undergo the Single Vehicle Approval tests before you can legally drive the vehicle on UK roads.

    It’s very important to remember that looking for the cheapest available policy isn’t necessarily a good idea; you still need to be sure that the policy you take out provides the cover that you want.

    Ask the following questions
    Will the import car insurance provider be able to meet your individual requirements?
    Do they have extensive expertise on the imported car insurance that you want to insure?
    These are just of the questions you have to ask your self prior to entrusting the insurance of your imported car to any provider. Attempt to shop around and discover the provider that could give you a great deal.



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