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Goods In Transit Insurance Comparison

For couriers, haulage firms, and other transportation businesses, goods in transit insurance is absolutely essential.

While what you are delivering is in your hands, what happens to it is your responsibility, and you may be held liable for damage or loss.

Because the size of a package and its value are not related (and nor is how fragile the item is), the value you’re carrying and its vulnerability to damage can vary greatly between deliveries. It’s important to have a policy in place to protect you from liability.

Goods in Transit policies may protect against:

  • Theft while in transit
  • Accidental damage sustained during transit
  • Loss while in transit
  • Damage caused during transit

You should always check any policy before you take it out, not just the quote, as it’s very possible that the policy you consider first doesn’t actually provide the specific cover you’re most interested in.

Always compare quotes and coverage to make sure you end up with the policy that’s best for you. With so much variety on the market, it’s essential that you take the time to pick out the one that most closely fits your requirements.

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