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Over 50’s home insurance is the cheapest home insurance avalible on the market. You can save even more money by comparing over 50’s home insurance prices from over 40 different insurance providers.

Be part of the hundreds of customers that get quoted less than £140** for over 50’s home insurance with Insuro.

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Why is over 50s home insurance cheaper?

People over 50 are generally considered by insurance providers to be a lower risk than any other age group. This assumption is because people over 50 make fewer claims, that are more honest. Therefore the claims are for lower amounts.

Alongside this, people who are older in age take more preventive measures in their home than their younger counterparts. They have higher levels of security around their home, as well as better maintenance of things such as pipes and electric wiring. This means that there are fewer chances of damage that the insurance agency will have to compensate.

What factors affect the price of over 50s home insurance?

While over 50s insurance is the cheapest home insurance on the market, there are some factors that may affect your premium:

  • The level of security in your home, in the form of alarms and cameras.
  • The location of your home.
  • State of the property. This includes things such as subsidence, the state of your roof and building work.
  • Any unusual property features that can be easily damaged or costly to repair.
  • The cost of rebuilding your property if there is damage that cannot be repaired.

Building and contents insurance: the cheapest way to purchase:

Home insurance comes in two forms: building insurance and content insurance. Building insurance covers the cost of any damage to the fixtures and fittings. A good plan covers any damage to walls, ceilings, pipes and any other permanent fixtures within your home.

Contents insurance will cover any valuables that are kept in your home. It covers items such as:

  • Television
  • Computer
  • Jewelry
  • Furniture
  • Kitchen appliances

When purchasing home insurance it is best to purchase both, otherwise, you could end up out of pocket if damage occurs. Normally the cheapest and easiest way to purchase these is in a combined planned.

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