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Over 50’s car insurance is one of the cheapest car insurance options available. Even though over 50s car insurance is cheaper than most of the other car insurance options on the market, it still comes at a hefty price.

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How is over 50’s car insurance quote calculated?

Car insurance  companies take into account various factors when quoting you a price for over 50s car insurance. These factors all add up to assess your risk, which will directly reflect the price that you are quoted. Factors that affect the price of your car insurance are :

  • Age: Car insurance companies work on the basis that the higher your age the less risk that you pose. They assume that the older you are the more experience you will have behind the wheel. This is why over 50s car insurance is cheaper than any other insurance on the market.
  • The value of your car: A more expensive car is more likely to be damaged, and requires more costs to fix. For this reason, a car of high-value will be quoted a higher car insurance premium.
  • Where your car is kept: If you live in an area with high crime rates your car insurance will generally be higher. This is because there are more chances of damage to your car, as well as theft.
  • No claims discount: Making fewer claims shows a car insurance company that you are a safe driver and that you pose less risk on the road. The amount of no claims discount that you have accrued will directly reflect the price of your premium.

How to lower the cost of over 50s car insurance?

Car insurance of any kind can be expensive, and over 50s car insurance is no exception. There are various ways to reduce the amount of your car insurance premium.

If your budget allows, paying an upfront cost for your car insurance can work out cheaper in the long run than spreading the cost over a 12-month period. Another way to reduce your car insurance price is to consider whether you really need the optional extras. Add-ons such as courtesy cars or breakdown cover can add to the price of your premium. It may be cheaper to purchase these separately from other providers.

Comparing quotes available on the market from different car insurance providers can also help you save money. Using Insuro’s comparison service you can compare the prices of different insurance policies that are suitable for your requirements easily.

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