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Passing your driving test is an exciting achievement. While you are probably looking forward to being able to drive your first car, you will find that car insurance can be quite expensive. Save money by comparing over 40 car insurance quotes today using Insuro’s insurance comparison service and get the most affordable 17 year old car insurance quote you can.

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What are the types of 17 year old car insurance policies available on the market?

When purchasing a car insurance policy as a 17-year-old there are three main types of cover that are available to you. While looking for a car insurance quote it is important that you consider all the options available. This will ensure that you not only get the cheapest price, but also the best most suitable cover for your needs.

  • Third party car insurance covers you for any damage caused to other people. It also covers any damage caused to their property by you. It will not, however, cover you for damage caused to your own car or any injuries sustained by yourself. Third-party car insurance is the minimum level of insurance that is mandatory to purchase to be able to drive legally.
  • Third-party fire and theft insurance includes the same cover as third-party car insurance. It also protects your car in case of theft or fire damage.
  • A Fully comprehensive car insurance covers you for damage done to somebody else’s car and any injury sustained by them. It also protects your car and you as the driver.

How to reduce the cost of 17-year-old car insurance policies:

Car insurance for young drivers always comes at a higher premium than other car insurance quotes. Luckily, there are steps that can be taken to reduce the price of your car insurance premium you will have to pay.

It can be quite tempting to buy an expensive car or to add modifications to your car to make it more upscale. Modifications like a new stereo system, just like a higher priced car attract thieves. This poses a risk to insurance companies as your car is more likely to be damaged or stolen, thus raising your car insurance premium. Things such as adding a more experienced driver to your policy, or parking off the street makes you appear as a lower risk to insurance companies. This will result in lower premiums on your car insurance.

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