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Looking for business car insurance quotes? Save money by comparing over 40 insurance quotes today. With Insuro, finding a business car insurance policy is easier than ever. Simply, fill out the form to submit details about yourself and your car. Our insurance comparison service then finds all the suitable deals that are available on the market.

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 Why do you need business car insurance?

Commercial car insurance policies only cover personal travel and your daily work commute. If your work requires you to travel as part of your job, you will need to buy a business car insurance policy. Business car insurance ensures that you have the extra cover required when traveling for work. These are activities like traveling to different office locations or across the country for meetings.

What does business car insurance cover?

Depending on your needs and the policy choose your insurance may cover the following:

  • Client visits
  • Driving other employees to work-related activities.
  • Travel between offices or other work-related destinations.

What types of business car insurance policies are available on the market?

Business car insurance policies cover the use of your vehicle for personal use alongside business use. They fall into one of three categories:

Class one: This type of policy is ideal if you are traveling to different work locations, and to occasionally meet clients. It may also cover your spouse, but this is dependent upon the policy that you opt for.

Class two: This policy is similar to a class one policy with one distinct difference. A class two policy requires that there is a named policyholder and that the driver of the vehicle works for the business that holds the policy.

Class three: A class three policy is ideal for those car owners who are constantly on the road as part of their job. This type of policy is the most expensive of three, as insurance providers consider you to be at more risk if you are on the road for long periods of time. It is important to note that none of the policies above is suitable for delivery drivers or taxi drivers.

What can you do to lower the cost of your business car insurance?

Business car insurance policies come with higher premiums. There are ways to help decrease these costs. Consider increasing your voluntary excess to lower the premium amount. Additionally, increasing the security of your car can also allow for a lower premium amount. One of the best methods to lower car insurance is to shop around to find the cheapest option to suit your needs. Insuro’s comparison services can help you do this easily and efficiently.

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