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Most insurance companies give you the option to purchase accidental home insurance. By comparing the deals available to you on the market you can save a substantial amount of money. Insuro helps you to find and compare quotes to find the cheapest option available for you.

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What is accidental home insurance?

Sometimes there is damage done to property within the home where there is no one to blame. Accidental home insurance covers the cost it would take to repair or replace an item that has been accidentally damaged. It is usually purchased as part of the contents insurance policy as an add on feature.

How to purchase accidental home insurance:

Contents insurance protects you from any costs that you would incur if your possessions were damaged in a fire or flood. They are also covered in the instance of theft. Contents insurance will not cover any damage that occurs as an accident.

Accidental home insurance covers any costs incurred during an accident in the home. You can purchase it as part of your standard content insurance policy. Accidental home insurance will come at an extra cost.

What costs will accidental home insurance cover?

The damages that are covered by accidental home insurance are dependent on the type of insurance policy you up opt for. There are two types of accidental home insurance that you can buy. Accidental content insurance covers any accidental damage to the items in your home.  An accidental building insurance policy covers any accidental damage caused to the building itself.

Most policies work on a new for old basis. These policies will provide the same item in a new condition if there is accidental damage. Instead of a new item, your provider may compensate you with the monetary amount of your item. The amount you receive will be after the cost of your excess is deducted.

Can you get accidental contents insurance if you live in rented accommodation?

Accidental contents insurance will cover any home in which you reside, regardless of whether you own the property or simply rent it. It is advisable, that you take out a content insurance policy if you rent. This will make sure you are not facing hefty costs, in the case of an accident. Purchasing accidental damage insurance is also something all renters should consider purchasing. This will protect you if there are any costs due to accidental damage done to a rented property while you are living in it.

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