Car Insurance 2019 – 5 Current Trends To Help You Get A Better Deal

Car Insurance 2019 – What You Need To Know

Getting a great deal on your car insurance can be difficult. This blog looks at the current trends that can make your car insurance in 2019 better value for money.

In this article, you will discover:

Save with a smaller, more economical car

Smaller cars are cheaper to insure anyway, but in 2019 additional factors will save you even more. Vehicle Excise Duty will rise once again in the UK in April 2019. Vehicles that cause a greater amount of pollution will pay more. So not only will you save money on your insurance by buying a smaller car, but you will also save on fuel and tax hikes.

Consider buying 2019’s cheapest to insure cars

The make and model of your car has a significant impact on your insurance prices. Insurance groups analyse your car long before your previous history is even considered. For car insurance in 2019, the best value cars include the following vehicles:

Volkswagen Polo

Dacia Logan

Nissan Micra

Renault Twingo

Hyundai i10

Make use of smarter technology-based car insurance in 2019

2019 will likely see technology play a bigger role in deciding your insurance costs. You can get ahead of the curve and be rewarded for embracing technology further. For example, fitting your car with a security system favoured by your insurer is one way to lower your premiums. Another is to use a ‘black box’ system to record your driving patterns and any potential incidents. As these systems become more developed, 2019 is a great time to take advantage of the savings that they offer.

Benefit from increased insurance personalisation

A recent study found that 88% of insurance customers desire greater personalisation from their insurer. To meet this need, insurance companies are offering more options to their customers. This a great opportunity for you to lower your premiums based on your personal circumstances. One key example would be the wide variety of multi-car insurance policies. These policies can provide savings to families, housemates and multiple car owners.

Take advantage of greater competition

More and more insurers are competing for your service. In 2018, UK premiums fell by 11%. Whether prices will continue to fall in 2019 is yet to be seen, but you can still take advantage of this trend.

Using a comparison site like Insuro is ideal for checking hundreds of suppliers that are competing with each other to give you the best deal. It’s designed to be simple and easy to use and is the first step to finding the insurance that works best for you. Click here for help in finding the right car insurance for you.