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Looking to Buy Car Insurance Online? Here’s How

It doesn’t take long to compare tailor made quotes and find your ideal car insurance online. Using a tool like this quote builder from Insuro means you can put all your info into one handy system and see detailed quotes from a range of online car insurance providers.

What information do I need to buy car insurance online?

First off, you’ll need to know a bit about your car. As well as basics like the registration number, make and model, you’ll be asked details like where you keep your car at night, as well as any modifications or special features.

You’ll be asked for personal details, such as date of birth, how long you’ve lived in the UK as well as basic contact information.

Finally, you’ll be asked about the type of insurance you want. This will include things like whether you need fully comprehensive insurance or just third party, fire, and theft as well as details about the number and ages of the people being insured to drive the vehicle.

Other things to consider

Buying car insurance online is straightforward, but there are several things to consider making sure you get the best quote.

As well as understanding the type of insurance and knowing what you’re happy to pay as your excess, there are a number of variables that will impact your quote. Think about how often you use the car, whether it’s used as a work vehicle, as well as security aspects like where you live and whether you can keep your car locked away.

It’s important to be honest about these things so that you get an accurate quote and don’t put yourself at risk of having any future claim refused.

Using a specialist insurance comparison site like Insuro means you can be confident you’re getting the insurance that’s right for you, and at a price you’re happy to pay, compare insurance here.

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