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Here are our top 10 ways to save money on car insurance in 2021.

Background knowledge: Car insurance is a type of insurance policy that covers the cost of damage to both vehicles and people involved in accidents resulting from traffic collisions. Car insurance is a legal financial requirement for all drivers. With this in mind, it is not always necessary to purchase the most expensive premium, so how can we get cheap car insurance?

How can I get cheap Car Insurance quotes? Finding cheap Car Insurance online has never been easier. Car Insurance companies have realised that it remains relatively difficult for Car Insurance customers to compare Car Insurance price quotes online, so they are offering all manner of incentives to get people to use their Car Insurance comparison sites. Most providers offer a full or partial Car Insurance quote if you register with them online; this allows them to market themselves effectively, as most insurers will take your details so that they can contact you at a later date should there be any changes or developments regarding your policy.

Here are the top 10 tips for 2021:

1. Compare quotes online

The first thing you need to do before buying car insurance is to compare the prices from different insurers by using quotation sites like Google search. Comparison websites allow users to enter information once only and receive price comparisons based on their profile. This can save time and effort when shopping around for deals, as well as ensuring you don’t sign up for anything more than you need over one with many additional features and benefits.

2. Car insurance for new drivers

Insurance companies calculate the cost of car insurance by using comprehensive pricing information that includes details about the driver, the type of car being insured, the level of cover and other relevant factors such as previous accidents. So how much does it cost to insure a young driver? Car insurance premiums vary according to age due to different levels of risk involved in insuring individuals in different age groups. Car premiums can be very high when compared with older drivers because younger people tend to have less experience driving than older ones do, and are more likely to get into accidents or make claims against their policy due to inexperience or carelessness behind the wheel.

3. Car Insurance – reducing the expense

Car insurance prices are continuing to rise in the UK and this is expected to continue over the next few years. Car Insurance costs can be reduced by shopping around, choosing a higher excess level which means your claim will be met with at least some compensation from your insurer if you make an accident claim. Your Car insurance quotes could also go down if you drive less; for example, opting for a car that helps save fuel or driving further less frequently will help reduce your annual mileage and can lower premiums.

4. Car insurance – how to get cheaper add ons

Add-ons popularly offered alongside Car Insurance include breakdown cover, windscreen cover, legal expenses cover and personal injury cover. Breakdown Cover provides remedial assistance when your car breaks down and typically includes a recovery service, new tyres, fuel costs etc. Windscreen Car Insurance covers damage and the cost of replacement to your windscreen if it is broken by vandalism or other external forces such as objects falling off other vehicles. Car Insurance Legal Expenses cover can provide you with financial protection in case you are party to a legal action arising from an accident. Personal Injury Car Insurance will pay out compensation should you suffer any injury that results from a traffic collision caused by someone else’s negligence or misconduct. Car insurance for young drivers can also include things like theft insurance, personal belongings cover and breakdown cover at no extra cost.

5. Car insurance after claiming on your policy

It is more than likely that your Car Insurance premium will rise after a Car Insurance claim. Car insurance companies assume that you are more likely to make further claims in the future, so they will increase your Car Insurance premium accordingly. If you have made a Car Insurance Car claim before, you must ask about its effect on any impending Car insurance quotes you may be considering taking out.

6. Car insurance for women drivers

The cost of insuring female motorists has decreased over the last decade, with young female drivers now paying as little as £300 a year for their cover compared to around £750 charged to their male counterparts. Today women under 35 pay up from 30% less than men under 25 and up to 50% less than men over 65 years old. Car insurers are constantly competing for the business of female drivers, and many companies have begun offering them lower premiums in terms of Car Insurance quotes to keep their custom. Car insurance costs depend on many factors including age, driving record and postcode, but women motorists over the age of 25 often pay less than men because they generally make fewer claims. Car Insurance can be up to 30% cheaper for male drivers when compared with female ones aged under 25; as you get older this difference decreases so if you’re a young woman then it could well be worth shopping around Car insurance quotes to see which insurer will offer you the best deal.

7. Car Insurance – cracking the code

What do car insurance companies mean by ‘cr’ and ‘pr’? Car insurance companies use Car Insurance grades to determine how much Car Insurance policyholders will pay for their cover. Two of the most commonly used Car Insurance grades are ‘cr’ which stands for Car risk, and ‘pr’ which stands for Car performance. The majority of new drivers tend to fall within the pr Car insurance category meaning they will typically be offered more competitive premiums, as insurers believe young drivers are less likely to make claims than those in other age groups.

8. Car Insurance – top tips on cutting costs

Can I get a discount if I choose not to disclose details about my medical history? No; it is often claimed that insurance providers may offer a significant discount should you choose not to disclose certain details about your Car insurance medical history, but this is not true. Car Insurance premiums are calculated based on the risk posed by all Car Insurance candidates and insurers will not offer special deals simply because you decide to withhold details about your health. Car Insurance companies tend to make use of a standard Car Insurance medical questionnaire that they send out to all prospective customers to determine whether they may pose a higher risk than others when it comes to making claims. There are some instances where Car insurance companies may ask for further evidence regarding an individual’s Car insurance medical history; for example, if you had cervical cancer or breast cancer then you might find yourself being asked for extra information.

9. Car Insurance – can I drive my car with no valid MOT?

The majority of Car Insurance providers will not let you drive your car on public Car Insurance roads without a valid MOT. Car Insurance brokers Car insurance will usually advise Car Insurance companies to refuse cover should you attempt to do so, and failure to comply with this request means that your policy is likely to be void. However, it is important that you first check whether or not carrying out repairs at home could mean that you are deemed unfit for the road and therefore no longer covered by your Car insurance policy. If in doubt always check with your insurer before driving around without a valid MOT as failing to do so may result in serious legal consequences.

10. Telematics

If your Car insurance premiums are likely to be particularly high then it can often be worth investing in a telematics device; this will track your driving habits throughout the day or week and gives you an accurate Car Insurance quote based on your driving style. Car Insurance firms say they can cut up to 20% from Car Insurance premiums for this very reason.

However, you must remember that installing a telematics device will not make Car insurance companies forget about past transgressions such as speeding or breaking the law at junctions. So if you have any previous offending to declare then it would be wise to do so under these circumstances; it might just help you keep the price of your Car Insurance down.

The facts and figures

Information from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) suggests men aged 25-69 were given an average of £1,586 worth of repairs in 2010. This is more than double the amount received by women of the same Car Insurance age, £740. Car Insurance also suggests that men make more than double the number of Car Insurance claims as women – 39% and 19% respectively.

The ABI adds that in 2010 there were 1,896,565 Car Insurance claims made by GB motorists; 333,770 of these were made by drivers under 25 years old and cost a total of £213 million. This is despite car insurance premium costs being lower for younger drivers than they are for older ones on average.

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