How To Get Cheaper Car Insurance – A 12-Step Guide

The price of your insurance can often feel out of your control, especially if your age, location, or personal driving history are not looked upon favourably. There are, however, a number of ways on how to get cheaper car insurance. Ranging from the basics to the more in-depth, our top tips on how to get cheap car insurance can be used by anybody, regardless of circumstances.

Picking the right car

If you are in the process of choosing a car, it is wellworth understanding how the vehicle you choose may affect your insurance costs.Every car in the UK market belongs to one of 50car insurance groups. Your car’s insurance group rating is fundamental inreceiving your quote. The group rating of car’s is resultant of a number offactors but crucial ones to keep in mind are its value should it need to bereplaced and its power. Cars that are more expensive and powerful will alwaysbe considered higher risk by insurers so opting for cars that are cheaper andwith smaller engines can cut the costs of premiums sizeably.

Avoiding car modifications where possible

In the same way that your car’s price and power can affectthe overall cost of your insurance, so can the way in which it has beenmodified. Regardless of whether it is for aesthetic or performance purposes,modifying your car can mean a noticeable increase in your premiums. This isbecause, to insurance providers, modified cars present a number of increasedrisks: theft, cost of repair, and likelihood of claims for cars with increasedperformance. This is why it is best, if possible, to avoid modifications foryour car if you are looking to cut down on insurance costs.

Increasing your voluntary excess

Increasing the amount that you would voluntarily pay out inthe event of a claim is a common way to reduce the cost of your insurance. Thisshould, however, be a realistic amount. If you are unable to afford the amountagreed with your provider, this can mean losing your car for a significantperiod of time.

Paying annually rather than monthly

When choosing a policy, it may seem like a better deal foryour current circumstances to pay monthly rather than up front for your cover.When taking out monthly cover, however, you are effectively loaning the annualamount from the provider. This means that you will be expected to pay interestevery month with this usually ranging anywhere from 13% to 33% APR. So,although it may appear better initially, opting to pay annually can make forsignificant savings. 

Telematics car insurance

Telematics car insurance, or a ‘black box’ policy, isanother option that can cut the price of your insurance if you are a safedriver. By monitoring your driving habits, a telematics policy will rewardthose that obey speed limits and do not accelerate or decelerate excessively.This can allow for cover that is more reflective of your driving behaviourrather than anything out of your control. 

Reducing your annual mileage

The amount that you drive will, inevitably, have a largeinfluence over the cost of your insurance. By spending much more time on theroad you present a larger risk to providers simply by being on the road moreoften. This is why it is worthwhile cutting back on unnecessary journeys inyour car to reduce its annual mileage. Doing so can lead to much cheaperinsurance.

Including a named driver on your policy

Putting a named driver on your policy is another common wayto reduce the price of your premiums. Much like reducing your annual mileage,by adding a named driver to your policy this can often lead to savings simplydue to you spending less time on the road. Savings, however, cannot simply bemade by adding any driver to your policy. It is by adding a named driver with agood driving record and years of experience on the road that noticeable savingscan be made. It is also worth remembering that if you are found to be the onlydriver of your vehicle despite having a named driver on your policy that yourcover can be invalidated in the event of an accident. This is called ‘fronting’and is a form of insurance fraud that can lead to a criminal record. 

Level of cover

If you happen to owna car that is not very valuable or that you are willing to pay to repair foryourself, choosing a third party-based policy can lead to a reduction inpremiums. This can, however, work out more expensive overall if you areinvolved in an accident that requires you to purchase a new car. Your level ofcover should, therefore, be thought about properly. Opting for what appears tobe cheapest may, eventually, work out considerably more expensive.

Increasing your car’s security

By adding extra security to your car, such as a steeringwheel lock, an alarms, or immobiliser, providers will often reward you with acheaper policy. This is because of the decreased likelihood of theft that comeswith secure cars. This also applies to where you keep your car overnight. Bykeeping your car in a garage, insurers will also view your car as a less likelytarget of vandalism. Any extra security measures that are carried out, however,should be analysed in relation to their potential savings over time.

Building up your no claims discount

Your no claims discount is one of the biggest indicators ofthe risk that you present so being sure to build this up as much as possiblecan lead to considerably cheaper insurance over time. Saving through thismethod, however, does require some level of foresight. To make savings throughyour no claims discount, you will need to work out whether choosing not toclaim over smaller things actually works out cheaper in the long run.

Take an advanced driving course

Courses, such as Pass Plus, can be a useful way to provethat you are a safe driver to your insurer and be rewarded with cheaperinsurance. These courses can be quite expensive on the face of it but thesavings made can largely outweigh this over time. These courses are especiallyuseful for young drivers that have just passed their test and are especiallystruggling to find any form of realistically-priced cover.

Shop around for the right quote

Even if you think that you have found a cheap quote, it isalways worth using comparison sites, such as ours, to ensure that you arefinding the deal that is right for you. It is worth remembering that it is notalways best in the long run to go for the cheapest quote available. Being sureto compare a widerange of insurers and what their policies offer is always the best route.Fill out the form on our car insurance comparisonpage to see what deals are available to you.

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