Keeping Car Insurance Manageable in Northern Ireland

Sad but true; drivers in Northern Ireland tend to pay more for their car insurance than those located throughout the rest of the UK.

So why is that?

The Rising Cost of Northern Irish Car Insurance

It seems to be the case that a series of factors have combined over time. Back in 2008, insurance prices were found by the Office of Fair Trading to be, on average, around 11% higher in the province than elsewhere in the UK.

From the next year through to 2011, however, insurance prices would increase 72% above their starting value, becoming very nearly double the price of car insurance anywhere else. And why? In part, because of that higher starting price.

With or without insurance, people still felt the need to drive, and so many of them, caught between the high cost of insurance and the decline in the Irish economy, got in their cars without insurance. Some percentage of them, as you’d expect, were involved in accidents, and when that happened the claims of the other party were paid from a central pot that all insured drivers contribute to through their policy.

Fewer drivers and a higher strain on this central pot led inevitably to rising prices – which reduced the number of paying drivers still further, and the cycle continued to escalate.

Why This Matters to You

While that was 2011 and efforts have been made since then to reduce the issue, the cost of car insurance in the Six Counties still isn’t great.

Whether you’re a novice driver or you have decades of experience behind the wheel, you’ll want to make sure you get the very best deal that you can, and that leads you to consider every quote carefully.

With that increased cost of insurance – and with the high rate of uninsured drivers – it’s more important in Northern Ireland than in most of the rest of the UK that you pay close attention to these issues and scrutinise all deals available to you so you can be happy with your chosen policy.

How We Can Help You

Quote comparison sites give you the tools (provided, in our case, by QuoteZone) to evaluate what each quote can do for you. You’ll want to take into account how well these quotes cover your situation. Don’t go for the cheapest deal if it doesn’t offer the coverage you need; you should weigh the various options presented carefully until you’ve settled on a quote you’re happy with.

Tools like ours provide you with all the information you need, presented in a format that makes it easy to compare and contrast those quotes and evaluate the service you’ll be getting.

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